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Cookie Policy

To comply with EU legislation that was introduced in May 2012, this page documents how this website, AIM Florida, might collect information as you browse and use it to provide a tailored service to improve your online experience.

  • Cookies are simple text files. They are needed to help navigate automatic logins, password authentication, shopping cart functions, personal preference settings and a variety of other functions. Cookies make these functions smooth and hassle-free to the user.
  • Cookies don’t search your computer for information. Cookies register the information you provide through your browser. When you enter personal and/or financial information on a website, the cookies store your information, both for ease of use on your next visit, and for ad tracking.
  • Information stored by cookies is usually encoded; it is protected from potential computer hackers by security features (which you, the website owner, have put into place.)
  • Cookies are necessary and enhance your browsing experience. Without cookies, you would have to reenter all of your information every time you revisited a site. A cookie will simply remember your information on the website to save you time.
  • Cookies only store the information you provide. A cookie cannot “grab” your email address. A cookie can store your email address on the website—if you have typed in your email address; a cookie stores all information you voluntarily give when you visit a website.
  • We use the following types of cookies:
  1. “session cookies” to enable your use of our site and to remember your settings. They are stored in temporary memory and are only available during an active browser session. Once you close your browser, the cookie disappears.
  2. “persistent cookies”  also known as stored cookies, are used to collect identifying information about the user, such as user name, web surfing behavior or user preference for a specific website. These cookies operate until they expire or a user deletes them.
  3. “web analytics cookies”. These cookies are used by us or third-party providers to analyze how the site and our services are used 
  4.  "third party cookies" to enhance the experience of website visitors. These include social media platforms such as Facebook and You Tube through the use of sharing buttons. Cookies may be set by these third parties, and used by them to track your online activity. We have no direct control over the information that is collected by these cookies.
  • Cookies themselves contain very little information other than the URL of the website that created the cookie. Because there is so little information, a cookie can’t be used to identify you by name or other personal information. However, advances in technology have seen an increase in how companies can manipulate cookie information to create a profile of your web surfing habits. Again, this is a profile of a particular consumer’s surfing habits and product preferences, there is no name (your name) attached to the profile.
  • Cookies are harmless. They cannot introduce viruses on your computer.
  • Cookies are not the same thing as Spyware. A cookie stores your website surfing information; Spyware stores your Internet surfing information (every site you visit).
  • Visitors may wish to restrict the use of cookies, or completely prevent them from being set. Most users prefer for cookies to be enabled but you do have the option to agree or disagree. You will still have access to all information and resources. You can also remove existing cookies from your browser by clearing your web history and cache.
  • It's important to note that disabling cookies is likely to mean you experience a less streamlined browsing experience.
 By continuing to use AIM FLORIDA website, you are agreeing that we may place cookies on your computer in order to analyze the way you use our Website.
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